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“Hi Jared, just wanted to send you a note from the Cardinal team letting you know that we were very happy with all your hard working throughout our drilling program. A couple of the standouts were troubleshooting the build section on 07-01, and still managing to make that well the longest Hz in the pool. And I was really impressed with the continual improvements you brought forward on the Clearwater laterals. I think that we are well set-up for our future development. Thanks again, and let’s touch base during break-up to start planning around our Q4/Q1 program, cheers.”

David Pyo, P.Eng, MBA
Exploitation Engineer
Cardinal Energy Ltd.

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“Based on my positive experience with West Rock, I would highly recommend them to a colleague or friend. They are a company that has a deep experience base allowing you to cost effectively manage your operational requirements. I believe they will be looking out for your best interests and meet the technological requirements and challenges that arise in the day to day operations.”

Graham Veale, P.Eng.
Vice President, Engineering
Blackspur Oil Corp.

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“From our initial introduction, the staff at West Rock Energy Consultants have consistently provided Dark Warrior Resources knowledgeable and friendly service in handling our drilling and completion programs.  We also take comfort in the fact that they are doing their due diligence to obtain the best competitive pricing for our programs.  Fantastic work guys!”

Mark Lenson 
V.P. Exploration
Dark Warrior Resources Ltd.

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“Partnering with West Rock’s experienced and talented in-house professionals, along with access to their large pool of experienced and vetted field supervisors, helps ensure our company is always trying to achieve the best possible results for its investments.  Working with West Rock, I’m confident that our operations are conducted safely, within all regulatory requirements, and very effectively by getting it done right through knowledgeable experience.  With West Rock working with so many other clients, they have a very current and relevant pulse on the most effective techniques in use.  West Rock’s larger volume in operations also helps provide us with important direction to quality cost effective vendors.”

Ryan Chong, P.Eng.
Vice President, Operations & Chief Operating Officer
Inception Exploration Ltd.

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“Since joining the Pengrowth team, West Rock has been a valuable contributor in our pursuit of operational excellence. They are an experienced team of both innovators and executors. They have helped us reduce our thermal SAGD well costs while staying fully committed to health and safety.”

Hugh McCaskill
Director, Development
Pengrowth Energy Corporation

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I am very impressed with the outstanding quality of your chosen Inspector, and am honoured and fortunate to have worked with him. I learned a lot and will walk away with treasures of knowledge and experience.

Michael Maurer
Senior Project Manager
Pembina Pipeline Corporation

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